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Water Ordering
Welcome to our water ordering page.  

Here you will find instructions showing you how to place a water order. 
Our new infrastructure gives you the opportunity to request water whenever you require it

Below is a short YouTube video showing you how to use the ordering portal.
You can order your water in a couple of ways:

Method 1
Order your water as you require it through the members water ordering portal.
Although this may seem daunting, the process is really easy.  A video giving you step by step 
instructions is at the left.

You log into the portal (https://gatekeeper.aquamonix.com.au/haypid/with your 
username and password. 
          • These are written on your "Fridge Magnet" and in your introduction letter. If these have been misplaced please contact James (0427 005 576). 

The history componant of the portal has been off line recently.  If you have issues with this section you may need to refresh the cache memory of your interent browser. This is quite simple to do.  Log into the page as normal, push CRTL + F5, (you will be logged out), log back into the portal and things should be working ok.  
If you are still having issue please contact Sharon (Mob:0449146448)

Please click on the water drop (right), to log directly into the portal.
If you see an error message above, it is because you require one of the latest internet browsers - Google Crome, Microsoft Edge (win10) ect. The videos and links won't work in Internet Explorer.

You can download Google Chrome here . Once downloaded and installed, reopen this website, http://www.haypid.com.au,  and the links and videos will work. 
Method 2

For those people unfamilar with the internet or uncomfortable with ordering this way, we have a Water Order phone.  
The Water Order phone number is 0448 239 179.  This phone will be manned during most business hours, but if it is unattended please leave a message. 

It is very important when leaving a water order request that you leave ALL the details required.
        1. Your name
        2. Your password
        3. Your outlet number and letter (ie: 59A)
        4. The amount of water you would like
        5. When you would like the water
We will not contact you unless there is a problem with your order.

Please note orders phoned through will require placing a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) in advance. Phoning and order through DOES NOT guarantee immediate delivery.
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