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Trouble Shooting - Are you having trouble ordering your water?

If you are having trouble placing your water order try checking our troubleshooting hints below. 

When you try to log in, the page doesn't load or just hangs and you don't see the sign in page
Are you using the correct internet browser?  Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, The customer sign in page won't load in Internet Explorer (it's too old)  You can download Google Chrome from the link on our home page
2.You can see the signin page, but after you have put your username and password in it won't allow you to log in. Have you checked you are typing your username and password correctly? 

Your username is your last name followed by the first initial of your Christen name, with both the first letter of each name in CAPITAL letters.  ie  John Smith would be entered as SmithJ  

Your password is encrypted - if you have misplaced this please ring
James: 0427 005 576 or Sharon: 0449 146 448
You process your order ok, but in the final stage you are told you order is not confirmed.
You are requesting more water than you have available.  Trying reducing your requested amount or to check what remaining allocation you have please ring        
James: 0427 005 576 or Sharon: 0449 146 448
You may already have an order waiting.  You can only place one order at a time
Your order may not be able to be placed at the time you have request.  The next available time will be listed at the bottom of the page for you to accept or reject
Your order may not be authorized if your account is in debit. Please check with James: 0427 005 576 or James: 0427 005 576 or Sharon: 0449 146 448 if you believe this is an error or have a query about this.
Please note payment may take up to 72 hours to be credited to your account.

If you are unsure of the problem or would just like some assistance please phone
James: 0427 005 576 or Sharon: 0449 146 448
and we will be more than happy to help you in whatever way we can.
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