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Welcome to Hay's oldest privately run irrigation distributor - Hay Private Irrigation District (HPID)

The Hay Private Irrigation District currently services 91 customers through 117 outlets, ......

In 2008, the Hay PID increased its customer base and the facilities offered to its customers through the installation of a filtered water, stock and domestic pressurised pipeline. This system delivers water to over 150 outlets throughout the irrigation district and surrounding areas.

In April 2016, the Australian Government provided funding of $10,204,564 to Hay Private Irrigation District under the Round 3 of Private Irrigators Infrastructure Operators Program in NSW (PIIOP). More about the PIIOP program can be found here.

For the interest of customers below is a link to Water NSW Water allocation Statements.
Here you can find the current allocation for both High Security (Stock & Domestic) 
and General Security (General Irrigation).  OUr District is in the Murrumbidgee Valley District

NSW Emergency Drought Relief Package
The NSW Government has announced details of its initiative to waive the fixed charge component cost of most Water Licences in rural and regional NSW.
As part of its Emergency Drought Relief Package, the NSW Government will provide financial assistance of up to $4,000 to all general security licenses (and supplementary water access licenses) in rural and regional NSW.

Hay Private Irrigation members are part of a group collective and as such the waiver will apply to the PID WAL as a whole and will be distributed to each of the PID members in the form of a discount in their upcoming accounts - a percentage depending on their allocation (if PID's application is successful).  Water NSW will deal with independant people their own WAL's seperatly. 

More details can be found here:

All functioning as expected

All functioning as expected (updated 12/2/19)

The water drop icon, below, will take you to the water ordering portal. 

The links in our website function at their best via the latest internet browsers - Google Crome, Microsoft Edge (win10) ect. They won't work via Internet Explorer.

Below is a link to Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10.  If you need assistance with these programs please contact us

Once at the portal you will be required to enter your username and your password. 

The history componant of the portal has been off line recently.  If you have issues with this section you may need to refresh the cache memory of your interent browser. This is quite simple to do.  Log into the page as normal, push CRTL + F5, (you will be logged out), log back into the portal and things should be working ok. 

For more instructions about how to order water please go to our water order page 
"Let there be water"
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